A Sigil is an ability all players taking part in the D-Game possess, granted once they join the game.

It is worth noting that there are ten named Sigils mentioned on this page, though there are more throughout the manga not pointed out in this article.


Not much is known about Sigils, other than they are supernatural and superhuman abilities granted to players of the D-Game. All players who take part in the game are immediately granted a randomized and unique Sigil upon creating an account, and so far there have been no two active people who have possessed the same Sigil at the same time.

Known Sigil TypesEdit

Telekinetic Edit

Telekinetic type Sigils give the user the power to manipulate specific materials or objects surrounding them at will. Examples of Telekinetic Sigils would be Queen of Thorns, Sui's Sigil and Beelzebub.

Telekinetic Sigils also seem to have different levels of limitations. For instance, while Sui's Sigil allows her only to manipulate water that is within a certain range from her, and Souta's Sigil is only capable of freezing water within the same parameter, One's Sigil Beelzebub allowed him to teleport, by manipulating space and the placement of his person.

Metamorphosis Edit

Metamorphosis type Sigils allow the user to change their physical form in some way. There are two variations of Metamorphosis Sigils; those that change the user's body's composition (Iron Wall), and those that change the user's body's form (Suzume's Sigil).

Expanded SensesEdit

Expanded Sense Sigils, also called ESP, enhance the user's five, possibly six senses. Though, seeing as this Sigil does not improve the user's battle prowess much, it is considered one of the most useless Sigil types. Examples of Expanded Sense Sigils would be Ryuji's Lie Detector, also called the B.S. Detector, and Rein's Laplace Function.

Chemical EnhancementEdit

Chemical Enhancement type Sigils have the ability to refine and possible change the composition of certain chemical substances; the full capabilities and range of this Sigil are still not very clear, however, an example of a Chemical Enhancement Sigil would be Amagasa's Sigil, Asclepius.

Mind ControlEdit

Mind Control type Sigils are able to directly influence the mind and actions off the being in question. These Sigils have the ability impose thoughts, actions and demands upon the subject.

Though, while Mind Control Sigils have been described to work when used on humans, only specific other animals can be affected by this Sigil. An example of a Mind Control type Sigil would be Ayanokouji's Sigil Peacemaker.

List of Known SigilsEdit

Telekinetic Edit

  • Queen of Thorns
  • Sui's Sigil
  • Souta's Sigil
  • Beelzebub
  • Youta's Sigil

Metamorphosis Edit

  • Iron Wall
  • Suzume's Sigil

Expanded Senses Edit

  • Lie Detector
  • Laplace Function

Mind Control Edit

  • Peacemaker


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