Kashiwagi Rein
General Information
Alias Rain
Info Broker
Affiliation Sunset Ravens
Occupation Middle Schooler


Status Alive
Ability Laplace Function
Personal Information
Gender ♀ Female
Age 13
Hair Color Black
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 7
Kashiwagi Rein (柏木鈴音, Rein Kashiwagi) is one of the main protagonists of Darwin's Game, and a core member of the Sunset Ravens, likely to be considered the second or third official member of Sudo Kaname's group before said Clan was formed, as well as the user of the Sigil, Laplace Function.


Rein is a young girl, thirteen years of age, her small height perhaps not so surprising when taking this into account. Usually she is seen wearing a baggy light-colored coat that goes past her waist and almost to her knees, dark pants and boots.

She has pale skin, and short black hair (a bob cut, I think it's called? Not sure), along with large eyes, a small nose and small mouth.

Due to her calm and collected persona, her expression is often the same, not showing emotions such as surprise or fear often.


Rein, despite her age, is very mature, a voice of reason and highly insightful, as well as analytical. She is the primary source of information for her Clan, and reliable when coming up with strategies when the time comes.


Rein's Sigil, Laplace Function, is an Expanded Senses type that allows her to see things before they happen. Rein explains that her Sigil is analogous to Laplace's demon, a hypothetical being that knows the exact location and momentum of every atom in the universe. This allows it to perfectly predict the future. In combat it is similar to having inhuman reflexes, as Rein has displayed the ability to dodge bullets using this ability. Outside of combat, it aids her in analyzing information, though the extent to which she can use this aspect of her Sigil is unclear.