Karino Shuka
General Information
Alias Shuka

Undefeated Queen

Affiliation Sunset Ravens
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Ability Queen of Thorns
Personal Information
Gender ♀ Female
Age 16
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Colour Yellow/Orange
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 1


Karino Shuka's hair colour is blond. She usually wears her hair in a pigtails hairstyle. Shuka wears bordeaux coloured hair-slides. She is rather slim with a medium size chest. Shuka's eyes have an ember colour. She usually wears a bordeaux coloured dress. Her stockings are the same colour as her dress and hair-slides.


At first Karino Shuka appears to be arrogant and sadistic as she attacks Sudou Kaname thinking that he is nothing more than just a newbie who won against Banda The Newbie Hunter by chance. Her personality changed drastically after she loses her fight against Sudou Kaname. Shuka falls in love with Kaname. After that fight Shuka becomes more caring towards Kaname and she becomes less sadistic yet still stays arrogant towards other players. It is shown that Karino Shuka doesn't trust people easily as seen in her conversation with Rein after establishing Sunset Raven clan.


Karino Shuka, like other D-Game players, was granted the ability to use a Sigil. Her Sigil, Queen Of Thorns, is a powerful telekinetic type that allows her to freely control any string-like object. She prefers to use her ability on chains she carries around her waist and a wire mechanism on her hand. During her fight with One, she has demonstrated the ability to create micro-vibrations in wires, which allowed her to easily cut through limbs.


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