Hiiragi Ichirou
ヒイラギ イチロウ
Hiiragi Ichirou
General Information
Alias The Florist
Affiliation Darwin's Game
Status † Dead
Personal Information
Gender ♂ Male
Family Hiiragi Suzune (Daughter)
First Appearance
Debut Chapter 10


Hiiragi Ichirou is a grown man who has a daughter.


Hiiragi is a kind man who cares deeply about his daughter. He originally joined D-Game to pay for his daughter's medical bills as she had a weak heart.


Known as "the florist," Hiiragi Ichirou is a very capable man. He took control of one of the spawn areas, a hotel, during the Treasure Hunt, securing over 20 rings, controlling people, and trapping Sudo and Rein in the building.

His Sigil allows him to control plants. He finds unique ways to bring out the most of his sigil, such as controlling previous victims and sealing up exits and setting up traps.


He is first encountered during the Treasure Hunt game after Rein and Sudo create a temporary alliance to defeat Hiiragi. It is revealed that Hiiragi successfully defeated all other players in the hotel that they spawned in. He did this by letting the players kill eachother, blocking off the exits, and then setting traps in the elevators. After Rein and Sudo defeat him, he joins their alliance in order to protect themselves from the growing threat of Eighth. He would later die in the Treasure hunt, but not before taking down two of Eighth's top members and the entire hotel with him.