Darwin's Game (ダーウインズ ゲーム, Daawinzu Gemmu), often abbreviated as "D-game", is a killing game in which players must fight other players for "points", which can then be exchanged for money or various supplies meant to aid them in the game. It is mandated by a mobile app that goes by the same name, which makes it very important for players to have their phones with them at all times.

"Darwin's Game" is also the name of the manga series itself.


The premise of Darwin's game is that players must kill one another for gain. In a battle between two players, only one will win, usually by killing the other player. The winner will then receive the loser's "points," which are used to obtain various goods or services.


There are two main ways that a battle can be initiated in the game. The first way is by challenging another player through the app. After the battle is initiated, one of the two players is teleported to the location of the other player. The battle then lasts for a duration of one hour, during which both players must attempt to kill each other. If neither one dies by the end of the hour, the one with the most points wins, and the other dies. Points are rewarded for three aspects of the battle: "Damage", "Technical", and "Artistic".

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